the ReferenceUSA Data Modules

Module Descriptions  

ReferenceUSA is comprised of multiple search modules that concentrate on specific data categories   By design, the look and feel of these modules is very similar making it easy for anyone to be a proficient searcher in short order.


ReferenceUSA Landing Page

Search Options

Each module offers a Quick Search and a Custom Search option.  Quick Search, as the name implies, allows users to begin a search with a limited amount of information.  The results maybe a substantial list of matches that may then need to be refined using the sort functions within the results page.  To learn more about using these features, look in the Learning Center for related tutorials.

Quick Search

Custom Search, the second search option, puts the user in the position of being able to Customize their search based on individual choices.  Each module will have particular search criteria to choose from depending on the content of the module.

Custom Search

Begin Searching

To begin a search in a module, select from the Available Databases page or from with a data module select the Available Databases tab to return to the selection page.  There is a brief description of what the module contains as well as what search criteria are available.

Landing Page_More Information

For details on individual modules, follow these links.

U.S. Businesses

U.S. White Pages

U.S. New Businesses

U.S. New Movers/Homeowners

U.S. Consumers/Lifestyle

U.S. HealthCare

Canadian Business

Canadian WhitePages


If there is a module that your library does not currently carry as part of their collection, we are happy to provide access to the library for a full evaluation.

For more information on this contact us at or FEEDBACK


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