U.S. Businesses

U.S. Businesses / Employers USA

This module is comprised of data on U.S. Businesses.  The data is gathered through a number of public sources, including telephone directories.  Business profiles are complied and the information telephone verified.  The data is updated monthly.


Search criteria includes:


Company Name

  • Company Name
  • Brands and Products



  • Executive Name
  • Executive Title
  • Executive Gender


Business Type

  • Keyword/SIC/NAICS
  • Major Industry Group



  • State
  • County
  • City
  • Metro Area
  • Zip Code
  • Street Address
  • Neighborhood
  • Map Based Search
  • Radius Search



  • Business Phone
  • Area Code
  • Toll Free Number
  • Fax Number


Business Size

  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Sales Volume



  • Public/Private
  • Headquarters/Branch/Subsidiary/Single Location
  • Foreign Parent
  • Home-Based


Financial Data

  • Stock Exchange
  • Ticker Symbol
  • Credit Rating
  • Business Expenditures


Special Selects

  • Web Address
  • Fortune 1000
  • Yellow Page Ad Size
  • Years in Database
  • Year Established
  • Government Office (Federal/State/County/Municipal)
  • Square Footage
  • Number of PCs


There are several unique search features the amplify results.  These include sort features to reorder results; change the page view to display additional information; radius search to identify like business or specific business types within a given radius; and mapping features to display visual representations of data.

18 thoughts on “U.S. Businesses

  1. I am a member of the public library at Hillsborough county. I would like to know if I need a code to be able to see the list of bussines around my neighborhood. thank you

    • Angeline! No code/password necessary. Access to ReferenceUSA is always through your local public library’s website – find the section on their webpages where they list Business Resources/ Databases – then locate the link to ReferenceUSA – you will need to have your library ready at this point. For a step by step demonstration on what this process looks like check out this video

  2. Instructions are rather poor….I cannot find the database, when I click on US Business some info pops up on the right hand side of the screen but no search engine. I am logged in through my library and following their link to Reference USA but it continues to take me to the home page.

    • Elizabeth – thanks for your input. There might be a few things at work here ~ the good news is that there is absolutely an easy solution. You didn’t mention the library you are a member of; potentially, they have updated their website and their links to us have changed. It may be a case that if you have attempted to access ReferenceUSA by going directly to referenceusa.com, that you now have a ‘cookie’ in place that is directing you to the static page you mentioned. If that is the case, clear your cookie cache, then close and reopen the browser – then log in to ReferenceUSA through the links on your library’s website.

      If all else fails, you are welcome to call us direct at 800 808 1113 for assistance.

  3. How are the expenditures (i.e. advertising) calculated and does the number represent spending for the past calendar year? past 12 months?

    Thank you in advance

    • David! Great question and glad to see you are digging into the database. The Business Expenditures section gives you a indication of what a company (based on their primary line of business and the number of employees) would be expected to spend over the course of a year in any of the twelve listed categories. You can build custom queries using these categories and ranges to identify exactly the businesses you are looking for!

    • Hi Krista – you don’t mention where in Montana you are located; in general, access is going to be through a public library. Patrons of a subscribing library will want to locate where on the library’s website electronic resources/databases/business information is listed. There you will find a link to ReferenceUSA, which will direct you to an Authentication Page. Here you will need to have your library card and some instances other information such as a PIN or preestablished password. If you would like to call us at 800 808 1113 during business hours (Central Time) we help locate the closest library for you!

    • Hi Bobbi – thanks for the great question … as you may have learned, there are multiple ways to get to an answer using ReferenceUSA – the best practice for determining who (when looking at residential listings) or what (businesses) is at a particular address would be as follows: once you have opened the relevant module, chose the CUSTOM tab. Next, from the list of options on the left side of the page, select GEOGRAPHY. This will expand to reveal a number of ‘selects’, your first check should be in the STREET ADDRESS box. This opens a prompt window where you can choose to use the FREE FORM – entering the address – or FORMATTED – which gives your fields to enter data. In the Business module you have an additional choice, ASSISTED. The address might be unique enough that this is enough to return results. If this is not the case, you will then want to add either a a zip code or a city to help retrieve precise reports.

      You can look at our growing library of short tutorials starting HERE

  4. Question if I am at hojme attempting to search your site do I have to subcribe and or if I am at work dows my company need too subscribe before information and links can be viewed?

    • Darla – thanks for the inquiry…P = Professionals (Doctors, Attorneys, Accountants, etc) this is applied to individuals listed in the business database, however their offices (businesses) will have a letter score (A, B, C, U) I = Institutions (Hospitals, schools, etc)

  5. How can I find a library that subscribes to Reference USA in my area? I did the locator on the site, and my library was listed, however when I went into the location to inquire, they advised they did not subscribe. My zip code is 30294

    • Elesha – the Library Locator is intended as tool for people to simply find the library that is nearest to them … we are impressed that you took the next step to contact your Library to ask if they provided ReferenceUSA – it many cases it would not have been the first time they had heard that question and may know other nearby libraries that you can turn to – or it may just pique their interest in adding ReferenceUSA to their collection … as always, you are welcome to call us directly and we we can offer suggestions of other libraries in your area the are bringing this resource to their community.

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