Ramp it Up!

Updating your links to ReferenceUSA

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from everyday users is how do they access ReferenceUSA.   After explaining that they are always going to start at their Library’s website, we often times will find your homepage and walk your patrons through the steps the will take to link to ReferenceUSA.    While each library website has it’s own unique design and navigation, there are some things we can offer that may assist in making the process easier for your patrons.  These are minor changes that have proven to have a big impact.

Use Pictures

The first of these recommendations would be to use the ReferenceUSA logo as part of the process – either in the list of available resources and/or as an active link to ReferenceUSA.

This is the most current logo and you can cut and paste this for use on your site.

Use  descriptions of ReferenceUSA and the data modules to help your patrons find what they are looking for.

Another way to help your patrons understand how they might use ReferenceUSA is to include a brief description or, even better, short descriptions of the type of data included in each individual module you offer.  Again, you can copy and paste the descriptions below to use on your site.


The premier source of business and residential information for reference and research.  Used by entrepreneurs, businesses, students, job-seekers or anyone wanting access to information on tens of millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of consumers in an easy to search format.  

U.S. Businesses

Use this module to search for comprehensive, accurate and up to date information on more than 34.5 million U.S. Businesses.  Data is telephone verified and updated monthly.  Use the more than 3 dozen search selections to create custom queries.  Results link to individual profiles for each business containing essential information.

U.S. Standard White Pages

With  more than 150 million U.S.listings, this module gives you access to people all over the United States.  Records are continuously updated against the USPS National Change of Address and  Delivery Sequence File (DSF) to be the most current source for residential listings available.  Records include maps and key demographic data.

U.S. Consumers / Lifestyle

Searchers use the Consumer / Lifestyle data to understand the buying habits of groups of consumers.  Drawn from a variety of sources the results are a blend of purchase preference information with household and census type data.

U.S. New Businesses

Updated on a weekly basis with information from a variety of sources, the U.S. New Business module is the ideal resource for anyone wanting to connect with businesses in their start up and early phases of development.

U.S. HealthCare

Profiling more than 1 million physicians and dentists, the U.S. HealthCare database gives researchers a unique look at a doctor’s practice.  Essential information includes the doctor’s specialty, age, medical school attended, year of graduation and hospital affiliation.

U.S. New Movers /Homeowners

Each year 15% of the country’s population moves to a new location.  Each week ReferenceUSA adds more than 300,000 New Movers/ Homeowners to this module.  Search using key data elements including Residential Details, Mortgage Details, Confirmed Homeowner status and Move Distance.

Canadian Business

The Canadian Business data module is one the most robust information sources of Canadian business information available.  Researches create custom searches using criteria from a list of search options and results link to profiles of more than 1.5 million businesses.

Canadian  White Pages

Records are 100% publicly sourced to comply with Canadian privacy laws and contain information on more than 12 million Canadian households.


Anyone wanting to conduct deep research on a global scale will find their shangri la in OneSource.  Dive deep into company financials, international corporate hierarchies and SWOT reports.  Searches can be done by business, industry, executives as well as by keyword, news and articles.